Hasty Retreat

Although Dad informed us a few months ago that we might be moving, the reality of it didn't hit until today---when he started "organizing" (a.k.a. throwing away) our precious first-grade and kindergarten notebooks.

"Can't take them with us," he said. Too many. Too bulky. We have turned into pack rats, and someone needs to get rid of the junk.

It's because we're not just moving down the block. We are leaving the COUNTRY! "A year abroad," Dad said. We're going to Chile, where he claims he was born more than a lifetime ago.

"So what?" we asked. "It doesn't have anything to do with us. We were born HERE!"

But we are still going. And, needless to say, Anna K.'s story will have to be put on hold, or at least slowed down. We need to spend time packing, and throwing out useless things. next>


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