I was reading Harry Potter #2 for the sixth time when my Dad asked, "Aren't you tired of reading that thing? Why don't you read something more...MONUMENTAL?" He suggested Anna Karenina, by someone called Leo Tolstoy.

I'd never heard of Tolstoy.

So Dad gave me a copy of Karenina, and it didn't do much for me. Tolstoy's no Beverly Cleary.

Then I thought: Maybe it's not Tolstoy's fault, and all "Anna Karenina" needs is a simple translation to make it more interesting to the children of the Age of Potter.

And...Bingo!---the seed for RatSoap. What if "Karenina" were told using rats rather than humans? With cartoons mostly, and lots of drama.

RatSoap would be a combination famous book, graphic novel, and soap opera---with rodents! Plus personal commentary on what I had for breakfast and weather forecasts, of course.

One unbreakable rule for this book adaptation, however: Unlike some TV soap operas that have been around since Leo Tolstoy was alive, this rat story will NOT go on forever. By around the end of 2007, it will have to wrap up, at least the "Anna K." part. Maybe "War and Peace" will follow? Or better yet: "Ratty Potter and the..."!

We've enlisted many rat fans (see below) to participate as writers, cartoonists, critics, editors, designers, and massage therapists.

This doesn't mean the story will be any good. We're all volunteers, and volunteers can never compete with overpaid dreamers.

That's all. Click here to return to the Rat Race and begin your journey through "Ratta Karenina," by Leo Ratolstoy.



IJE: narrator, writer, diarist, cartoonist, ventriloquee
RJE: cartoonist, staff comedian
AREM: writer, editor, designer
ATJ: chief critic, censor

The RatSoap "thumbprint" is a composite of two photographs: 1) © Matthias Krüttgen (rat); and
2) © Samantha Grandy (soap). Both photographers contribute to photolia.com

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