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These are "Anna Karenina"'s characters, as described by Tolstoy (additional description will be added as the story progresses).

STIVA - Anna Karenina's brother. He has a "plump, well-kept body" (fat?), is a "handsome amorous man of thirty-four, was not in love with his wife..." He and his wife Dolly have five children (seven, really, but two have died when the story begins). Stiva has a good job in the government that he got through his sister Anna's husband, Alexis. Stiva is "naturally good-tempered."

DOLLY - Stiva's wife. She and her husband have five children (seven, really, but two have died when the story begins). She has "large frightened eyes" and a "knot of thin plaits" for hair. Dolly has a sister named Kitty.

MTVEI - Stiva's valet (assistant).

LEVIN - Stiva's good friend, almost the same age. A "strongly built...man with a curly beard." He is very shy and is in love with Dolly's sister Kitty (Stiva's sister-in-law). Levin lives in the country and hates the city, and is a "cattle-breeder, a sportsman."

KITTY - Dolly's sister. Levin is in love with her. She has "shapely girlish shoulders" and a childlike attitude. And she is beautiful. Levin and Vronsky want to marry her.

NICHOLAS - Levin's brother. Poor because he has spent all his fortune.

VRONSKY - A military man, "very rich, clever, distinguished..." and "enchanting." Kitty's mother wants him to marry Kitty, not Levin. Vronsky does not remember his father much. He dislikes family life. The first time Vronsky meets Anna Karenina, he does "not take his eyes off her."

ANNA KARENINA - Stiva's sister. A very beautiful woman with a "sweet face," "bright gray eyes," and black, curly hair. When Vronsky meets her, he REALLY likes her.





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