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How long will it take us to learn Spanish? It's what they speak in Chile, so we better learn it soon.

Dad told me a joke he heard once about a man who moved from Portugal to the United States to learn English. After several months of living in the States, a friend ran into the man and asked him how his English was coming along. Well, the joke goes, not only had the man learned not a word of English, he had also forgotten all his Portuguese!

On the other hand, Mom tells us of a man she knows who once went to spend just three months in Italy with his young children (about our ages), and after only a few weeks of attending an Italian school, when the six-year-old got home from school and his parents asked him what he had done in class, he answered in ITALIAN because he had already started to forget his English.

I hope we don't forget our English. We'll keep on using it at home, and writing e-mails, and playing Neopets, and reading books. We are taking a suitcase full of books with us.

Anna Karenina #3


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