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The flight from Miami to Buenos Aires lasted 8 hours and 40 minutes. It was a huge plane (777), and full of people speaking English, Spanish, Portuguese, even Swedish. There were travelers from everywhere, and very few children (they're all in school!).

Each seat on the plane had a small TV screen in front of it, where we could watch movies, listen to the radio, change languages, and see a map of where the plane was in the world and how far from Buenos Aires. We watched the movie “Ant Bully,” about a boy who bullies ants and a wizard who turns him small---the size of an ant---and then the bully becomes the ants’ friend. I think that’s what it was about. I watched it in Spanish to try to learn something, but it was hard to understand.

At midnight, they served dinner on the plane. The flight attendant asked me, "Pasta o carne?" I understood enough to say, "Pasta, por favor." I don't like carne (meat). So dinner was pasta with a roll, water, and cookies.

Then everyone went to sleep, except me. I didn’t get a wink. It was too much fun to fidget with that little TV screen all night. RJE, however, fell asleep after dinner.

This is what the map on the little TV screen looked like:

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