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To get to Santiago, Chile, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, you can fly over the Andes Mountains, or ride a very long bus ride TO the Andes, then over it at a place that is 15,800 feet high.

Another way to go is the LONG way, by sea, around the southern tip of South America, crossing from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean---and that is what we are doing.

The ship was supposed to go south but instead it went east, to stop first in a very small country called Uruguay that is between Brazil and Argentina. Dad says Uruguay is about one and a half times the size of Virginia. Like Argentina, they speak Spanish in Uruguay, too, and it was hot and dry when we stopped there. The sun is so strong down where we are that you can feel it burning your skin.

By the pier, we saw a few seals or sea lions waiting with their mouths open for people to throw them fish from the fish market that was next to the pier.

Later, we walked to a gazebo by the shore. A group of children that looked like a second grade class were running around in white tunics like lab coats. Dad said it was part of their uniform. Almost all schools in South America have uniforms. Some of the girls were playing tag, and when they got to one of the poles of the gazebo, they shouted "¡Base!" (but they pronounced it something like BAAH-SAY! as it sounds in Spanish). So now I know how to play tag in Spanish.

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