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Today was a sea day. We went past Cape Horn. It's a very small island, and famous because it is the last piece of land at the bottom of South America, and there is nothing but water south of it until reaching Antarctica. Here is the famous Cape Horn:

When we were getting close to the Horn, and we were all on deck outside, I thought I saw a whale, but it was just a rock (there are many rocks sticking out of the water near Cape Horn).

Later, in the kids' room, we worked on bead animals. I made a gecko and a snake. To make a gecko, you have a long piece of ribbon and three starting beads. You arrange them into a triangle and thread one of the ribbons through two beads at the bottom of the triangle. My gecko’s name is Omri, from the “Indian in the Cupboard” book series I just finished reading. And my snake’s name is Anna Conda, after Anna Banana, the counselor at the Kids Corner on the ship. She just left to go to another ship in Florida. Here is my snake, plus a gecko that RJE made:

RJE lost one of her top teeth. She put it under the pillow expecting the Tooth Fairy to come with money and chocolate. The next morning, she found an Argentine peso and a tiny bar of chocolate. Dad said that it was not the Tooth Fairy but the Tooth Penguin, because the tooth fairy doesn’t come this far south. Unfortunately for RJE, the Tooth Penguin turned out to be very stingy: An Argentine peso is only 33 U.S. cents.



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