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We got to Puerto Aysén by taking a small bus from another port nearby. My grandfather (who I call "Abuelito") lived in Puerto Aysén when he was one or two years old. Here is a picture of him with his dog and my great-grandfather when they lived there:

We tried to find the same place where this photo was taken, but we weren't sure so we took a picture of this mountain instead:

It's a beautiful place.

We saw a high school and lots of kids walking on the street. There are many schools in Puerto Aysén. Some looked old and rundown. Girls were in red sweaters, gray skirts, red tights, and gray socks. That was their uniform.

Back on the ship, in the Kids Room, a new boy came in. He is from Colombia and speaks no English. His mom works on the ship and he is six years old. The five of us kids played bingo and I won the first round. For my prize, I picked a bag of marbles (but I don't know how to play!).

Later, RJE won the grand prize: a large squirt gun.



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