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Dad was ready to start giving us Spanish lessons, but we decided to go to the south of Chile first to spend Christmas and New Year in a town called Lican Ray, on a lake called Calafquén. The bus ride took ten hours!

From the house that a friend of my abuelitos’ lent us in Lican Ray, we can see the lake and this volcano covered with snow:

It's the Villarica Volcano. Dad says that it erupted at the end of 1971, and that he was here a month after the eruption, when he went to the place where the river of lava flowed down the mountain, and that it still felt hot when he walked on it.

Lican Ray is a small town with dirt roads. The dirt is black because it’s made of volcanic rock. The sand on the beach of the lake is also black.

The water is very cold and clear. The beach is surrounded by mountains, and there are three islands in sight. People had little pedal boats for rent, and one of them was named “Barbie.” RJE and I thought it was perfect for a photo with RJE’s Chilean Barbie (it’s not really a Barbie) she got for Christmas.

Yesterday we drove to some hotsprings up in the mountains. The water was not as hot as we expected, but one of the pools still felt like a hot tub.

Because we’ve been moving around so much, doing so many things, we have not had much time to work on Anna Karenina. As soon as we are back to Santiago and settled, we will go on with the story and draw more cartoons. In the meantime, we made up some theme music for Anna Karenina:

Dad helped us compose it using a program for writing music called NoteWorthy Composer. It is a really cool program. With it, you can write the notes you want and then play them back using different instruments.

To hear what the RatSoap theme music sounds like, click here.


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