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We went to go get Mom's ID, and it was an even longer wait than the last time. Three hours! When we were leaving, we walked past the cars parked on the side of the road, and there was one that was very small, even smaller than a Beatle Bug.

Dad said that it was called a huevito , which means "little egg" in Spanish.

There were many of them when he was a boy, but now they are very rare. Huevito is a nickname. The real name is Isetta, and the cool thing about the car is that you can only get in through a door that opens on the front. If you want to learn more about the Isetta, click here.

Because we cannot find a school in Santiago (they're all full!), Mom wants to go straight back to Villarrica and look for a house there. If we stay here, though, it looks like we are going to have to go to a private school. They are the only ones with vacancies.

Today we went to go check a private school nearby. It's called CDM, and it's across the street from a mall, and a metro stop is being built almost right next to it. If we go to this school, when it is raining, we can just take the metro home! We talked to the secretary, and took a pamphlet home. I like it, and we are going to think about going there.

Mom likes to cook desserts, bread, and lots of other things. But it is not so simple here. There are no chocolate chips for cookies in Chile! It is also hard to find soy milk, and we are still looking for kale. And Parmesan cheese comes in small, fruit-snack-sized bags, and mozzarella cheese is really expensive.


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