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It looks like we are done looking for schools to go to. We went back to CDM to talk to the vice-principal. After talking to her, a man who is in charge of students gave us a tour of the classrooms. Then Mom and Dad thought about it, and RJE and I said we wanted to go there, and now CDM is our school.

The school has about 1,300 students, and a few of them are from other countries. There are two from China, one from Japan, and even three from the United States.  

We visited every part of the school. There are two or three buildings with three floors each, with science labs, computer labs, three cafeterias, vollyball and basketball courts, playground, library, and they are building a new soccer field and track. They even have a chapel. CDM is a Catholic school, and some of the teachers are nuns. Once a week, we have a church service.

All schools in Chile have uniforms. This is the uniform for girls at CDM:

Boys have a uniform, too, and this is what it looks like:

The school year starts on March 8, but RJE and I start on March 1 because new students start a week earlier. I am going to be in sixth grade, and RJE will be in first, which is good for her because that is where they teach you to read.

Dad said school here will be much harder, and it probably will. (No more A+'s for me!) At least we won't have much homework. They try to get kids to finish it all in class since the school day is so long.

We will have a total of 43 hours of school a week, plus after-school classes like musical instruments, dance, choir, and sports. School starts at ten of eight, and ends at 4:05, except on Wednesdays, when we get out at 1:30.

We have to buy a lot of supplies for our many classes. We have textbooks, notebooks, pencils, and even a Bible for Religion class. My English textbook is called "English Adventures." Every week, I will have five hours of English, three of religion, three of music, plus science, math, history of Chile, art, etc.

Girls can play volleyball or basketball but not soccer yet. They told us that many of the girls in the school want a soccer team, so they might have one this year. If they do, I will play.

During the tour of the school, RJE saw the detention room. I hope we won't be going in there!

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