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We visited the "Plaza de Armas," which is the central plaza of Santiago and where the city began. Nearly every city or town in countries that were once Spanish colonies has a central plaza like this one, and around it you can always find a post office, a church, and some government buildings.

We went in the church, and it was very big. It is called Catedral de Santiago. It is a Catholic church, and has confession booths, holy water, and tombs of former priests.

A confession booth is something only a Catholic church has. It is a wooden box with the priest sitting inside to hear your sins. To tell him your sins, you have to kneel outside the booth and talk to him, but he cannot see you, and you cannot see him because there is a screen in between. I didn't do any confession, but Dad said he had to when he was a kid.

Outside the church, we heard some really nice music. We got closer to the crowd, and it was a man and woman who looked like they were from Africa playing a drum and a xylophone.

They stopped playing, and told the crowd in Spanish that they were from Ecuador, and came to share their culture and music.

They said that most people in Ecuador don't look like them because there are very few people there who have ancestors from Africa, like the musicians.

Dad told me that Ecuador is in South America, north of Chile, right above Peru, and that it is a very small country.

Hear the Ecuadorians play here.


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