El Colegio

Our last field trip, before school started, was to Santiago's main cemetery. The website for it says it is one of the largest in South America, and that it was built like "a city for the dead." It has avenues and streets with trees and graves that look like houses.

Some of the people buried there are famous, like Pedro Montt, a former president of Chile (1906-1910). His father was also president of Chile (1851-1861), like John Adams and John Quincy Adams, and both Bush presidents in the United States.

Dad says the cemetery is about half the size of the George Washington Birthplace National Monument in Virginia. It's big.

It has orange trees everywhere...

...and many of the oranges were on the ground, rotting, but they smelled delicious.

We were looking for the graves of our great-great-grandparents. It was hot and we were tired, and RJE and I found the place VERY boring. The office was closed, so we couldn't ask where the graves were.

After we said we were bored, Dad told us to at least enjoy the sculptures around the graves, and he took many photos of them.

The last thing we had to buy before classes started were our "delantales." They are like a smock, and look like maid uniforms. Girls wear a blue-checkered smock...

...and boys have brown ones. The little kids wear them all day to protect their school uniform, and older kids wear them in science and art class. RJE and I like to play maid in ours, cleaning the apartment and balconies, like the maids we see in the neighborhood.

We packed our first school lunch before going to bed because we had to get up at six forty in the morning, and leave at seven twenty. Cheese sandwiches, since no one eats peanut butter here and they don't sell it.

When we woke up, we got dressed, had tea and milk to keep us awake, and ate "hallullas" with "dulce de membrillo," a sweet, sticky topping that's like cheese and is made out of quince fruit and sugar. It looks like this:

After our hurried breakfast, we started the thirty-minute walk to our "colegio" (school).


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