May Day

Every class at school has a party once a year. They have it at the home of one of the kids, and it goes late into the night. This year, it was at a boy's house, from 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.

Everyone had to bring some chips or snacks, and some kids brought music to dance to. There were balloons everywhere, and potato chips, Cheetos, candy, soda, and cookies.

When I got there, most of my classmates had not arrived yet. The few who had were playing PlayStation. Then the party got pumping and the music was turned high---rap music, in Spanish!

Everyone danced, except a few girls, me included. Instead, we played games like twister and kicked some balloons. At the very end, everyone started a game of spin the bottle. Many of us boys and girls were not interested, so we left.

This was a long weekend because today is May Day (the first of May) and we got Monday and today off school. In the United States, we don't celebrate May Day because we have Labor Day, which is the same thing, but most other countries in the world celebrate May Day---the day of the worker, when nobody does any work.

That's why we have been very lazy, not wanting to work or do anything other than read and play. But we really wanted to finish Part Two of Anna Karenina by the end of April, so I did several more drawings, and almost finished Part Two. Here they are:

Anna Karenina #14


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