The other night we watched part of a movie in English called "You've got Mail." It was Mom's homework. She is now an English teacher at a language institute not far from home.

All her students are grownups learning English because they need it for work and their companies pay for the classes.

The language institute uses movies to teach the students. There is an easy movie for beginners, about an Italian man named Paolo who visits New York City. He goes to his hotel, to restaurants, to meetings, and has to speak in English.

Mon has three students now. She works every day except Saturday and Sunday.


RJE was good at school the other day so, as a reward, she got to bring a goose egg home for the day. Here it is next to a regular egg:

As soon as I saw the egg, I thought, "P.U." Last year, we got some goose eggs in Virginia, and one of them was rotten and when we cracked it open it filled up the whole house with an awful stench.

RJE carried this egg home very carefully, and on the way, Dad was joking that we should fry it and eat it on an hallulla. I thought that was gross because, when I shook the egg, I could feel something hard inside, like a gosling!


I am always staying up until 10 p.m. every night finishing homework. I need a lot more help because of the language, and can't just do it all in ten minutes by myself like in Virginia.

A few nights ago, I was rushing to finish a science project on how to make glass ("vidrio").

I had the drawings and a script to go with it, and Dad helped me.

In the class, I had to present the science project on my own, so I read what I had written while pointing at the pictures. The whole classroom was very silent during my presentation. And when I finished, everyone clapped and said, "Bravo!" and "Very good!" congratulating me.

So I got a 7 (the highest grade) on the presentation and a 5.5 on the test I took that day. And I was glad because a few days later I got a history test back with a 2.9 grade, which is like an "F" in Virginia grades. And I had even studied for it! The teacher had written "idioma?" on it, which means, language, and the reason I didn't do very well.


We saw the new "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie. Right before we saw it, Dad said he had read a review of it and that the writer had said that the only good actor in the movie was the monkey.

RJE and I had never seen any of the Pirate movies, and when we saw this one was out, we begged Dad to let us watch it. He said it wasn't going to be good, but we wanted to see it anyway.

One thing I didn't like about it right away was that it was dubbed in Spanish, which made it even harder to understand what was going on.

Otherwise, I liked it. But RJE fell asleep half way through it.


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