Art Attack!

When we get to watch TV here, our favorite show is Art Attack! It's on the "Latin Disney Channel," in Spanish (not dubbed).

On the show, there is a man who makes huge drawings on the ground with all kinds of things (trash, lentils, clothes, towels, etc.). When he's finished, they show his work from far above, and it looks great.

There are also two other men who do handcrafts from recycled things. For example: A giant hand made out of cardboard and plaster, a mini-golf set, a papier-mâché lamp, etc.

I found out on the Internet that Art Attack is really a British show. But for the Latin Disney Channel, they make it in Argentina and Mexico, so the hosts don't have Chilean accents.

RJE and I have been inspired by the program, and when RJE stayed home sick from school last week, she made many little decorations that she calls "tunnels."

She makes them out of toilet-paper rolls and a sheet or two of toilet paper glued on them, or with wrapping paper.

Sometimes, she puts a bottom on them so they can be used as pencil holders.

When the glue dries, she sets up a "store" and sells them for 100 pesos each! Dad bought a whole bunch of them.


Many Chileans walking on the street, especially in the morning, wear a huge, long scarf wrapped around their necks and mouths. This is what they look like:

We don't know why. It is never THAT cold to need so much protection. But some people say that this year has been colder than usual. Two days ago, the temperature was 4 degrees below zero Celsius.


With the cold, we also have the pollution. It is the worst to be in gym class when you can't breathe because of the air. The air is so bad, that you can't see farther than a few blocks away. This is a photo of the "esmog," as they call it in Chile:

I can hardly breathe when running, and it is probably bad for our lungs, so we've been skipping the after-class atletismo practice.


RJE says that in her class they were talking about who had a car and how everyone got to school. RJE was the only one who raised her hand for not having a car, and she is one of the few who walks to school.


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