La Vega

Mom and the mother of one of my classmates went to "La Vega," which is Santiago's largest farmers market. She bought a counter full of fresh fruits, vegetables, and dry goods.

We have many ingredients for several delicious meals that Mom and I can prepare, like stir-fried broccoli, Brussel sprouts (that most people hate, but we like), mashed potatoes, French onion soup, great salads, and much more.


One of the field trips I remember well from our school in Virginia was one to Washington, D.C. We visited all the memorials, the Mall, and after that, during free time, Dad (who went along on that field trip) took me to the IMAX theater at the Museum of Natural History to see a 3D movie about dinosaurs. I loved it.

Last week, we had a field trip here to La Moneda in downtown Santiago, which is like going to Chile's Washington, D.C., because La Moneda is the building where the president of Chile works.

I was thinking it was going to be really fun to get a tour of the building, but it was VERY disappointing!

When we got off the bus in downtown, they took us to a mini movie theater. It was no IMAX. They showed a lot of clips of movies from different countries---movies for two-year-olds. And that was it! No tour of the building. We didn't even get to see the president.


We wear black shoes to school, and when we play at recess, running around in the dirt, they get scuffed and dirty.

I found out from a message forwarded to me by a friend in Virginia that banana peels can be used to shine shoes! All you have to do is eat a banana, turn the peel inside out, and rub it on your shoes. Then you have to dry the shoes with a paper towel, and they are as good as new.

No one else at school shines their shoes like that here. Everyone thought it was very weird and not possible, but it works.


In music class, we sing and play many Chilean folk songs from different parts of Chile. We are now playing one called "Adiós, adiós, vidita," from the north of Chile.

Adiós, adiós, vidita
me voy llorando
Tu corazón, vidita
no podré olvidar...

I can play the music on the recorder. Click here to hear it.

The new one we're learning is called "El rabel."

I am not ready to play all of it yet, but you can hear a short sample by clicking here.

A rabel is a musical instrument that has three strings and is played with a bow.

In English, it is called a rebec, and you can learn more about it here.


RJE is also learning some songs. This one is called "El Pato Tartamudo" (The Stuttering Duck), and she sings it here because she doesn't know how to play it on the xylophone yet. Some of the words:

Había una vez un pato tartamudo
que una palabra no podía
acertar tar, tar, tar

Tarde llegó un dia a la escuela
y la lección no podía
aprobar bar, bar, bar...

She can play something else on the xylophone, though. Click here to listen to it.


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