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We decided to spend one last full day in Valparaiso before we left Chile, so we stayed at The Yellow House Bed & Breakfast the last night.

It was convenient because Valparaiso was the port city where we were leaving from. A friend from school came to spend that last night with us, and her parents came to pick her up the day we left and to say goodbye. We all cried.

It was also difficult leaving Santiago because another friend came to say goodbye at the last moment, when we were loading our bags in the van.

The van was full. The suitcases we had were not enough, so we had to buy several plastic bags that are used by street vendors to carry their things around. They are strong and cheap.

In the end, we loaded the van with 15 bags and suitcases.

Although we were sad to leave, at least we had a beautiful afternoon to sail from Valparaiso:

The first stop on the journey was Coquimbo, the same port town we visited on the other ship back in December of 2006. Here is a map of the journey south back then (in red), and this one (in green):

I really don't like Coquimbo because it is not very special. Plus, we had already seen it before, so we didn't do much there this time. One thing that was interesting was the two old cranes at the port that look like two old dinosaurs:

We have two more stops in Chile, and that is good because I can keep on using the cell phone to contact my friends in Santiago. I talked to one of them from Coquimbo yesterday, and she said that, at school that morning, after the class prayer, when the students ask for blessings and offer their own prayers, they put one in for me.


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