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Our last day at NES today. We'll miss our classmates and the school, especially because school is not over yet and we are leaving several months before the REAL last day of school.

While our classmates will be in class during the next three months (except for Christmas vacation), we will be on SUMMER vacation, again.

Mom told us the school year in Chile begins in March and ends in December. I will start sixth grade in March, while my NES classmates will still be in fifth grade until the end of May, and they won't start sixth grade until September, when I will be more than half done with mine!

RJE says that this year we are getting two summers---the one we had before school began last September, and the one we will have starting now. Summer in Chile starts in December. Everything is upside down in that part of the world. No snow for Christmas. Santa Claus wears sunglasses and a bathing suit. It’s summer vacation on New Year’s Day.

Because of trip preparations, we've done little with Anna Karenina. The book has eight sections, so we'll try to cover one or a little less a month in order to go through it all in the next 12 months.

Tolstoy had a hard time writing the book. "Ah, if only somebody else could finish Anna Karenina for me," he told a friend in the middle of the work, which took him FOUR years to write, from 1873 to 1877. It will hopefully take us only one year to adapt it.

Anna Karenina #2


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