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We stopped at a place where all the cars are jeeps, and people drive on the left side of the road. Also, every car has the steering wheel on the right side. This is because the people on the Falkland Islands are all from England. They live in Port Stanley, the small town that is the capital of the Falkland Islands. The islands are east of Argentina.

Twenty-four years ago, Argentina tried to take the islands for itself, and there was a short war between England and Argentina, and England won. So now there are war monuments to the war at Port Stanley. There are also tea houses selling scones, and double-decker buses like this one:

We were walking up a steep hill (all the streets go up so fast that the sidewalks are made of steps) when we smelled some sweet perfume. It came from a bush with pretty yellow flowers that grew everywhere. It smelled like coconut and vanilla, and a local man told us that it was called a gorse bush.

Then, there was the seaweed all around the pier, like this:

Dad says that seaweed is more nutritious than many other foods, and that in Chile we will see seaweed sold at the markets for cooking and eating at home.

One more interesting thing: We saw a church that has an arch built out of whale ribs on its front yard. Here are two tourists standing next to the whale ribs:

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