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Our friends on the ship (we met them at the Kids Corner) have their own cabin with two extra bunks, so they invited us for a sleepover. Last night, we stayed up until one in the morning eating chocolate, drawing pictures, and ordering room service. It was a lot of fun.

They have a book called “The Day My Butt Went Psycho: Based on a True Story” that I read aloud. It’s about a boy named Zack whose butt ran away and tried to take over the world. So Zack goes with his friends to find his butt and stop it.

The ship’s captain invited the children from Kids Corner to go visit him at the bridge. That’s the place where he steers the ship. There was a huge counter with lots of buttons and knobs and levers, and a screen. There was also a large map of South America.

The best part of the bridge is the gigantic window and the view, and the ship’s steering wheel, which is smaller than a car’s (to steer a huge ship!).

The captain is from Norway and has an accent when he speaks English. Everyday, when he talks to the passengers through the loudspeakers, he says, “This is the Captain Speakingfromthebridge,” and it sounds like his last name is Speakingfromthebridge.

My grandfather in Maryland told me that he was once on a ship that also had a Norwegian captain, and that the captain said everyday on the loudspeaker, “Yesterday is history; tomorrow is a mystery; today is a gift...that’s why they call it the present.”

The counselors from the Kids Corner always take us to the shows on the ship. We’ve seen a ventriloquist, a juggler, and a magician. They were all very funny and good. Tonight they took us to a dancing show. The dancers wore puffy dresses and high heels. My favorite dancer is from the United Kingdom. Her name is Katie, and she speaks like Harry Potter.

When we got back to the cabin, RJE and I made up our own dance show and dressed up like movie stars---with hats, sunglasses, scarves and dresses. Maybe this is how our show would be announced in the ship's newsletter if we worked for the ship, too:

Dad bought me a hand-made flute from the Andes. It’s called a Quena (pronounced Ken-ah), and this is what it looks like:

It’s like a recorder, but with fewer holes. I have to look on the Internet for how to position the fingers before I can learn to play it.


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