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We had a pajama party on the last night on the ship. Everyone took pillows to the Kids Room and had a fun pillow fight at the disco next door, with loud dance music and bright, colorful lights moving all around the room.

Early the next morning, the ship arrived in Valparaiso, the last port of the journey. Our abuelitos (Chilean grandparents) were waiting for us. They had found a van with a driver to take us all to Santiago. The drive took about an hour.

The city was noisy and full of traffic. It was sunny and hot, and when we got to my aunt’s apartment (where we are staying), we went straight to the pool, which was freezing!

Next, abuelitos took us to a supermarket called Jumbo. It has seventy cashiers, and it’s very easy to get lost there.

One thing I wanted to eat when we got to Santiago was hallulla, palta and tomato.

Hallulla (pronounced Ah-juuu-ja) is a round, flat roll made out of white flour. They sell it fresh out of the oven at a bakery downstairs, and at many other bakeries nearby. They are really cheap---14 cents (of a dollar) each.

Palta is what Chileans call avocados.

We met some cousins our age but, like us, they were only visiting and have never lived in Chile, so they speak no Spanish. Lucky for us they live in New Zealand. We talked in English with them all day!

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